Learn how to play guitar with basic and important tips

Music is an art that touches the soul with different set of feelings. Music can heal, comfort and also entertain the people. Everyone in the world will have a favorite kind of music and it will be different from place to place. Listening to music is different from playing music. The feel of the music is everywhere as music fills the atmosphere. Any kind of sound can be music if you listen to it keenly. There are different instruments to play different music and each instrument will produce unique sound. People who are interested in playing music will be having the training or they will get the instrument and they will learn to play by themselves.

The magic of guitar

Though there are many instruments, guitar is the one of the instruments which is liked by most of the people. There is some magic behind the guitar and the way people use it. Many of the people would love to have guitar in their hands and they will be addicted to the sound it produces. Different types of guitars are there and the basic guitar for learning is acoustic which is also called as rhythm guitar. The acoustic guitar can be played openly without electric power. Acoustic type guitars differ in different styles and strings as per the origin. American guitar is different from Spanish guitar likewise it differs.

Scales and notes

Learn to play guitar with useful guitar tips and it require passion for learning so that you can play soulful music. As far as guitar is concerned you have to learn the scales, notes and rhythm patterns. Guitar learning has three stages such as beginner level, intermediate level and advanced levels or professional level. Starting in the basic level which is the beginner level you have to learn the notes and scales of music on the fret board of the guitar so that you can play the chords.




Chords and rhythm patterns

This is most important because you have to be perfect in the fundamentals so that you will be able to play. With scales and notes in the form of C, D, E, F, G, A notes you have to learn the chords. Next one is the rhythm pattern which should be based on the type of the rhythm of the song. There are rhythm patterns such as 2/4, 4/4, ¾, 6/8 and so on. The process of playing the rhythm in the guitar is called strumming.


The strumming pattern should be based on the rhythm and you can play different strumming for the same rhythm but for the beginner level it will be some standard strumming patterns for the rhythms but in the intermediate and advanced level you can play different beautiful strumming patterns for the single rhythm. There are a lot to learn and learning an instrument needs not only passion but also practice.

Keep practicing

Starting with notes, scales and then the strumming patterns you have to keep on practicing in such a way that you have to reach a level where you don’t have the assistance of any person to play basic chords as per the scale of the song.